Mauro Loguercio

"we put on record here his unquestionable qualities of musical intelligence"

Duilio Courir, Corriere della Sera


Maria Joao Pires
"Your Schumann recording is just pure music, wonderful in his balance, beauty, consciousness, respect and inspiration."

Piero Rattalino
"The Trio Metamorphosi has reached such a level of maturity to convince even when they play complex pieces like Schumann' Trios."

Ganpaolo Minardi
"These Trio Metamorphosi' recordings point out strumental control and intense musicality and go beyond a formal balance reaching a fervor which is exactly what Schumann needs to express his restlessness."



Bruno Giuranna
"I listened with extreme delight: it is a wonderful interpretation and the sound is great. Your musical choices are excellent and I feel I wouldn't suggest to change anything."

Renato Zanettovich
"What a vividness! You speak the language like us, the Trio di Trieste."

Angelo Foletto
"The Trio METAMORPHOSI is a splendid and enlighting intepreter, with a very refined sound."