Mauro Loguercio


"From the fullness of his sound and the intensity af his phrasin we knew we were facing a great violinist."

Enzo Restagno, La Stampa

"Loguercio didn't enhance the difficult passages, but went with his beautlful and caressing tone into the various inner meanings of the piece."

Regina Leistner, Berliner Morgenpost

"Within Magaloff's inspiration the performers' unity was perfect: Meneses' cello, always sacrificing springs and tensions for a more delicate sound, and Loguercio's violin always shining and agile, melted in the Magaloff's rubato, in his humour, in his elegancy and in his language."

Maurizio Papini, Il Giornale

"He is a violinist capable af a very natural relationship with his instrument, with a wide and clear bowing, with a vibrato which flows easily, all supported with a imppeccable intonation and with a special easy way of playing.

"Alberto Cantu Il Giornale

"The long lyrical passages were beautifull sustained, and none of the wide-sweeping figuration were merely played through: every phrase and fragment was given a character and a purpose. Far from being swamped by the ensemble, his full, rich tone carried over it."

Jonathan Dove The Strad

"A silence was drawn from Bach's ineffable magic which Mauro Loguercio recreated with strength and intimacy, and with a personality which in itself was never a spectacle but his music was spectacular and enthralled the audience."

Nicoletta Sguben, La Repubblica

"A great Mozart player, who has always united his perfeet technique with the musical meaning with his shining tone in a performance full with feeling. His readingas always in style avoding any extravaance."

Martin Wilkening, Der Tagespiegel

"Loguercio was great, with all the possible dynamic-agogic shades, and Canino reached the pealk of his ability, creating both delicate and incisive sounds."

Renato della Torre Messaggero Veneto

"Every note of his is precise, the bowing always clear, every phrase is susteined with character; his sound fills the whole hall, thanks to his easy instrumentalization, and the phrase pulsation is exemplary: an astonishing lesson af musicality."

Juan Rigoli, Tribune de Geneve

"We put on record here his unquestionable qualities of musical intelligence."

Duilio Courir, Corriere della Sera

"Loguercio has a tried technic: a precise left hand and a sure bowl with a seducing tone which support his musicality: one could not wish for a more generous expression, nor a more ardent playing."

Jeorg Delor, La Suisse

"Loguercio shows an impeecable technique, sure intonation and a beautifully homagenous sound; we find ourselves in front of a performer blessed with a special sensibility, and with a distinct capacity to communicate those little effusions which are the most precious treasure of great chamber music."

Enzo Restagno, La Stampa

"Easy instrumentalization, clear intonation, fascinatin sound, Loguercio confirmed all his fame, showing his infallibility and his instrumental determination, which when linked to Canino's capacity to change attitude and to his vitality, gave us an exciting, vibrant and living performance."

Claudio Gherbiz, Il Piccolo

"Loguercio produced a flow of glorious tone that was both warm and pure, and with a intonation of extraordinary precision."

Edward Greenfield. The Guardian

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